Hangang(Han River) Underpass Project

Common Details
Out of the 10 districts, each district was classified into 4 different types of groups per its similarities among each district’s internal configurations (Pedestrian and vehicular) so pre-fabrication can be made per its own stereotype. By classifying each district a variety of design direction that is efficient was proposed. Vacuum forming techniques was adopted to represent the design direction by attaching various modules of reinforced plastic, three-dimensional blocks to the ceiling and walls. It was to aim reduction in cost, efficiency during the construction period and gain diversity in design.


Type A (Noyu, Sincheon Underpass)
Out of all tunnels, Type A has columns in the tunnel and the three dimensional blocks are arranged within the center of the columns. Due to the formation of the ceiling’s uneven texture, it has an advantage of producing different lighting effects.

Type B (Gangnam, Jamwon Underpass)
Type B has the narrowest width out of all existing tunnels and the three dimensional blocks are linearly attached to the wall. Due to this exposure of the renovation to this relatively narrow tunnel, it relieves the tightness from the small space and feels grand compared to the actual scale.

Type C (Ichon, Seobinggo Underpass)
This is the one and only district which does not have a Yukgapmoon (a hydrological facility which prevents Han River’s flood flow into the city). Due to this fact, the three dimensional blocks were able to be placed starting from the center of the ceiling and extended to both sides of the entry. It was to actively utilize the lighting effect exposed from the ceiling.

Type D (Gaehwa,Jayang,Mangwon,Yeouido Underpass)
As one of the most common type the main emphasis was to deal with the wall design, which typically tends to be dull, to be dynamic by combining four different types of three dimensional blocks. The pedestrian can experience the three dimensional blocks which has a harmonious combination of different surface textures and interesting lighting effects.


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