Museum built for Le Corbusier’s unfortunate disciple, Kim Joong-up

Kim Joong-up is a Korean architect, who worked for Le Corbusier Architecture and Urban Planning Research Institute and received the National Order of Merit and Chevalier title from French government. French government produced and screened film called, in 1969. Kim Joong-up worked as a board of director of Le Corbusier foundation, and was a professor at Montpellier National University in France, Rhode Island school of design and Harvard Graduate School of Design in the U.S. However, despite of his active career, Kim Joong-up was deported from Korea in 1971. In year 1979, just 9 years prior to his death, Kim Joong-up was able to come back to his home country and continue his career as an architect. He passed away leaving World Peace Gate for 1988 Seoul Olympic as his last work. After decades of Kim Joong-up’s death, the factory he designed in Korea has been renovated into Kim Joong-up Architectural Museum. Work of current world-class architects, Alvaro Siza, MVRDV, and Kengo Kuma, are located around this museum.



Key word: Works of architect Kim Joong-up, before and after of Kim Joong-up’s Art Museum, and Anyang Art Park.

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